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Visit Shopping Centers after Enjoying at Batam Resort


Batam Resort Batam could be the next destination if you want to enjoy a different holiday. If you are now in Bali, then you can schedule your next destination to Batam. There are so many Batam Resort that you can visit starting from the beaches, hills, bridge, river, and much more. However, If you have already visited Batam Resort, then you must not forget to go shopping for a moment.

Nagoya hill - Batam resort
Nagoya hill – Batam resort

Shopping Center In Batam

There are some places to shop that you can choose in Batam. In this article, would like to share with you some of the popular shopping centers in Batam.

Batam City Square

Batam City Square is one of the biggest malls in Batam and the most popular in Batam. If it is seen from the condition, then this mall is really similar to other malls in other cities. However, if you buy some items in other malls, most of the items may be expensive. So, if you want to hunt some cheap items such as clothes and gadget, then Batam City Square can be a good choice. You can find some cheap products with high quality in this mall. Why are the products so cheap? The reason is because some of those products are imported from Singapore without paying taxes.

Nagoya Hill Mall

This mall is the biggest mall in the district of Nagoya, one of the districts in Batam. Of course, this mall is visited by so many people every day, especially during the weekend. Since this mall is located in the middle of Nagoya city, so everybody must know this mall pretty well. So, when you are visiting Batam and wish to shop some items, then you can try to visit Nagoya Hill Mall. You can also get some cheap products in this mall just like when you buy some items in Batam City Square.

Lucky Plaza Batam

After having fun in some Batam resort, then you can continue to go shopping at Lucky Plaza Batam. Lucky Plaza also becomes one of the most favorite plazas in Batam where there are so many people who visit it every day. There are also some visitors from Malaysia, Singapore, and India who visit this Plaza to shop some cheap gadgets. So, if you want to buy some cheap smartphones, then you can visit this plaza.

In summary, those are some shopping centers that you can visit in Batam. You can buy some cheap items at those malls after you visit some Batam resort or you may just have a window-shopping in the mall.



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